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Panjab Digital Library - Digitization of Maha Bharat
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Maha Bharat

Description This 4th volume is a Punjabi translation in prose of one of the most famous ancient Sanskrit epics of India. This volume provides a glimpse into the enmity of Pandavas and Kauravas, role of Lord Krishna and other ancient Indian gods and sages in the war of Mahabharata. The Punjabi translation from Sanskrit is immaculate, descriptive, and imaginative without deviating from the content and meaning of original text. It maintains both the benchmarks of a standard translation which are faithfulness to the original text and aesthetic beauty of the translation. This Punjabi translation provides a panoramic view of the ancient times, the human aspirations of people engaged in power politics and tone and temper of the contemporary society. This translation has added to the literary canon of Punjabi and enriched it[edit]
Keywords Suraj, Kunti, Brahman, Yudhishtar, Bhimsain, Virat, Draupadi, Dronacharya, Pandav, Dhritrashtra, [edit]
Accession Number   BK-001654
Author Rishi Ved Vyas
Year 1980
Script Gurmukhi
Language Panjabi
Publisher Languages Department Punjab
Custodian Nanakshahi
Length 20.0
Breadth 14.3
Completion Complete
Condition Good
Pages                         902
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