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Panjab Digital Library - Digitization of The Shah-Namah of Fardusi
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The Shah-Namah of Fardusi

Description It is a translated version of the ancient Persian epic. Written in partly in verse and partly in prose it narrates the history of the Persian kings of Persia right from the mythical, prehistoric ages top to 1020 A.D. It consists of 50 to 60 thousand couplets. The translation in English is also in verse following the style of the ten-syllabled meter of the original text. The quality of translation is remarkable because of its rhythm, appropriate choice of words and maintaining continuity of thought. The brief introductory remarks before each poem help the reader to mentally grasp the main content of the following poem. Similarly the one-time titles of each poem also make the task of the reader easier. This translated version is likely to widen the readership of this great ancient epic.[edit]
Keywords Kayumurs, Saddah Festival, Afrasaib, Kai Khusrau, Zardusht, Asfan-e-yar, Rustam, Sohrab, Alexander Darions, Yazdagird Horning, Sultan, Mahmud, Ghazni, Herat, Baghdad, [edit]
Accession Number   BK-001141
Author Alexander Rogers
Year 1995
Script Arabic
Language English
Publisher Low Price Publication
ISBN 81-86142-84-3
Completion Complete
Condition Good
Pages                         568
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