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In Punjab, a silent digital revolution is preserving the state heritage
The Print (Chandigarh, December 18, 2018)
Panjab De Virse Nu Sambhaalan Vaaliyan Hath Likhtaan, Pustakaan, Paintingaan Khasta Haalat Vich
Rozana Spokesman (Chandigarh, December 20, 2013)
Kiven Chaldi Si Khalsa Sarkar...
Ajit (Chandigarh, December 13, 2013)
Pehle Pagridhari Pilot Te Vishav Yudh De Sikh Faujiyan Diyan Tasveeran Labhiyan
Ajit (Chandigarh, July 14, 2013)
Vignettes of Life
Hindustan Times (Chandigarh, July 14, 2013)
Aam Kahaniyan Historical Mahattav Ki
Dainik Bhaskar (Chandigarh, July 14, 2013)
Dakhni Asia Di Saanjh Te Vann-Suvannata Pesh Kardi Numaaish
Nawaan Zamana (Chandigarh, July 14, 2013)
Moving Images
The Indian Express (Chandigarh, July 13, 2013)
PDL Catches Hold of Rare Photographs of Anglo-Sikh Wars
Ajit (Chandigarh, June 05, 2013)
PDL digitizes 10 rare Sarups in Andhra and Maharashtra
Ajit (Chandigarh, February 28, 2013)
PDL launches an exhibition in UK
Ajit (Chandigarh, February 21, 2013)
From Past Perfect to Present Continuous
Indian Express (Chandigarh, December 15, 2011)
Revival of the Punjabi Past (Reproduced from Indian Express) (Chandigarh, December 15, 2011)
Digitized Manuscripts
The Tribune (Chandigarh, December 14, 2011)
Treasure of Heritage
The Sunday Indian (Chandigarh, December 25, 2011)
PDL digitises 6 million pages of Punjab history
The Pioneer (Chandigarh, December 09, 2011)
Revival of the Past
Indian Express (Chandigarh, November 28, 2011)
Work Begins to Preserve Rare Sikh Manuscripts
Indian Express (Chandigarh, September 06, 2009)
Sikh Digital Heritage Library
The Langar Hall (Online, August 24, 2009)
The Sikh Digital Heritage Library
Sikh Net (Online, August 25, 2009)
Taking the Bull by the Horns - Preserving our History (Online, August 29, 2009)
Panjab Digital Library goes Online at Chandigarh
Mera Chandigarh (Online, August 20, 2009)
Panjab Digital Library Launched
Panjab Heritage News (Online, August 20, 2009)
Panjab Digital Library Launched - Check it out
Sikh Nerd (Online, August 20, 2009)
In Nanakshahi we Trust
World Sikh News (Panjab, October 29, 2008)
Nanakshahi Trust Preserves Heritage Through Digitization
Hindsutan Times (Amritsar, June 24, 2008)
Nanakshahi a Vision of Digital Sikh Reference library
Nishaan (New Delhi, October 2007)
Digitally preserving slice of history
Indian Express (Amritsar, May 15, 2007)
Manthan Awards-2007 (New Delhi, 2007)
Indias Best e-content
Manthan Awards-2007 (New Delhi, 2007)
Bhasha Vibhag mein library ka computerization shigarh
Panjab Kesri (Patiala, July 18, 2006)
Pustkon Ki Digital Library Banege
Danik Jagran (Patiala, July 8, 2006)
Nanakshahi Trust to digitize KU manuscripts
Hindustan times (Chandigarh, January 9, 2006)
If it is in Punjabi this group is interested in digitizing it
Indian Express (Chandigarh, November 15, 2005)
Beyond the Gurudwara
Times of India (Chandigarh, November 15, 2005)
Hind Samachar sahit anaek pandulipion ko digitize kar banaya record
Punjab Kesri (Chandigarh, November 13, 2005)
Digitizing old Texts for posterity
Hindustan Times (Chandigarh, May 14, 2005)
Sikh Panth Dian Sevavan Vich Juteya Hai Nanakshahi Trust
Ajit (Jalandhar, February 07, 2005)
Geeks press Ctrl+S on Gurbani
Times of India (Chandigarh, November 11, 2004)
Rare birs step into digital world copy
Indian Express (Chandiagrh, September 1, 2004)
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