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Digitization at Panjab Digital Library :: Digital Preservation at PanjabDigiLib
Digitization at Panjab Digital Library
Digital preservation is the most viable and the only major technological alternative available to us for safe guarding our fast diminishing heritage. In order to contribute to any preservation effort and bring about a positive change, technological advances have to be met with equal amount of concern, enthusiasm, will to take concrete steps and initiative in the right direction.

PDL from its very inception has been at the helm of preservation effort, aimed as saving our heritage and salvaging position of Sikhs and Panjabis as a cultural identity. Providing digitization services to individuals and institutions since 2003, it has been instrumental in digitally archiving thousand of originals of manuscripts, rare books and other literature thus far.

PDL provides digitization services both on site and off site, depending on the constraints. If the material to be digitized warrants special care and cannot be transported to the PDL offices due some reasons, then PDL provides its digitization services right at the place where the material is situated. In such cases, the equipment and the staff is temporarily moved to the close vicinity of the place to carry out the project.

If the material is good enough to be transported and/or the custodian is willing to send it to the PDL offices, it is carried out at the PDL official center itself. The quality of the digitized output does not change in either of the cases, but due to the benefit of complete infrastructure being available, projects tend to finish in a shorter time span when carried at the PDL offices, thus also reducing the overall project cost.

The output of the digital projects may vary, but under standard conditions it includes, RAW and jpeg images of the originals. Other derivate like TIFF, OCR etc. may also be extracted from them depending on the need. The complete digitized material is handed over to the custodian compiled in DVDs and/or Hard disk as per requirements and official agreement.

Individuals and institutions interested in getting their collections digitized can contact the PDL representative either by filling in the requisite form available on the site or write to Once PDL receives a letter of interest, it initiates further procedures necessary for the undertaking a digitization project.
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Digitization process
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