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PDL Shifted from Makeshift Space to Office in the Making
PDL Shifted from Makeshift Space to Office in the Making
Panjab Digital Library is pleased to share the good news that with collective efforts of supporters and well-wishers, we have moved into our new office on June 7. It is a newly constructed permanent office space of 5000 square feet where all operations of PDL will be under one roof with best of facilities to facilitate digitization, preservation and data-management. Thanks to consistent support of our supporters that PDL has fulfilled its almost decade old requirement of permanent office space.

Once PDL realized that one room office space in a residential area is insufficient to pursue the intended work its search for an appropriate office space started in 2006. After working in different makeshift spaces, PDL started construction of its own office at a prime location in Chandigarh's Sector 28A in 2012. While the office is still taking final shape at top floor of Plot Number 1, PDL staff has moved in the new office. Now finishing and furnishing of the office can be monitored from within. While PDL staff is busy in digitization, scanning, creating metadata, managing back-ups and website; carpenters, electricians, plumbers and others are working to finish their jobs. While twenty-one workstations are already functional rest of the space is still under construction. A darkroom has been made operational although the room also stores construction material.

The new office will have three separate rooms for digitizing artifacts, manuscripts &rare books, newspapers, Audio & Video. The digitization activity will be more manageable in terms of speed and quality.It will have a scientifically managed archival room to store rare material. A display gallery of 1000 square feet will welcome the visitors in the office that will showcase artifacts and other heritage material archived and preserved by PDL. Conference room with sitting capacity of thirty will help PDL in organizing conferences, discussions and seminars which was long pending agenda to make heritage issues part of public debate. These facilities will take time to become functional as lots of work is yet to be done but watching them shaping up is an experience worth mentioning.

Effect on digitization activity
Operational Machines Old Office New Office
Manuscript Digitization Setups 2 6
Newspaper Scanners 1 2
Photograph/Negative Scanners 1 4
Audio & Video Digitization Setup None 4
Archival Storage None 250 sq. ft.

Once the new office will become fully functional it will add strength to PDL's operations. The data management,with a separate server room, will be more systematic as workstations will be linked to support the daily flow of terabytes of data. With this improvement we will be able to create smoother linkages between custodians and end users of software available online at PDL website. We are now in a better position to host scholars visiting to consult data available offline but yet to be uploaded on our website. The office will have best of civic amenities and modern pantry for staff and visitors.

Although the staff has moved in new building with bare minimum facilities required for PDL operations still it is a big achievement for all of us. It fills us with sense of satisfaction and reminds us of our responsibility to advance towards the mission we took in our hands. To complete the ongoing work we need your support which has kept us going from the beginning.

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