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ਚਿੱਠੀ-ਪੱਤਰ | ਮੱਘਰ 545  Newsletter | Nov 2013
“A community without its records is a community under siege, defending itself, its identity, and its version of history without a firm foundation on which to stand.”
- Jeannette Bastian

The dying heritage of Panjab is waiting for your decision; a decision which will decide the future of our past. We have lost a lot in last 100 years; for the sake of our future generations let us save what remains. Chapters of history which have remained untouched might get lost without a serious reader, who might be destined to take birth after 100 years from now. Let us arm our children to defend themselves with availability of original records. Please support us, take a step forward and help PDL digitize more documents by giving donations generously. Please send checks payable to “Panjab Digital Library USA” at 6445 Love Drive #1082, Irving, TX 75039, USA or donate online.

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Digital Scorecard
Lest We Forget
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Digital Scorecard
Documents digitized in Oct '13
This month we have digitized articles, books and photographs from the collections of Punjabi Sahit Academy, Anurag Singh, N. P. S. Randhawa and Gurinder Singh. pile of books
Total Pages   55,865
Books   212
Manuscripts   20
Magazines   10
Articles   143
Photographs   494
Newspapers   23
Maps   18
Lest We Forget

"But where were now their leaders? – The men who had instigated the revolt, and who with dastardly duplicity sought their private interest by simulated friendship with both parties? Where was Tej Singh, the chief commander of the Sikh forces?"

When the British opened the assault, Tej Singh commanded the entrenchment, but as soon as we had effected breaches in the mound, and the fire from his batteries began to slacken, when his followers were falling thick around him, when the British, led on by their gallant commanders, fought resolutely for every inch of ground, Tej Singh, instead of manfully leading on fresh troops, and animating them by his example.


We have selected some references from Anglo-Sikh wars.

While we make these five selected books available for adoption here, you may also choose to adopt from the complete list of books.

Sikh Leadership Book $8 Adopt
Six Battles For India Book $67 Adopt
The Hearseys Book $87 Adopt
British Documents on the War Book $95 Adopt
The Anglo-Sikh Wars Book $142 Adopt
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We'd like to thank our contributors who extended monetary, in-kind or voluntary support:

  • Gani Kaur & Jodha Singh, USA                      USD 15,000
  • 5 Rivers Foundations, USA                            USD 10,000
  • Sigma Vibracausitic India Pvt. Ltd. India       Rs. 12,000

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