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ਚਿੱਠੀ-ਪੱਤਰ | ਹਾੜ-ਸਾਵਨ 546  Newsletter | Jun-Jul 2014
"A people's relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to its mother."
                                                                - John Henrik Clarke

Heritage is an umbrella term covering many a tangible and intangible thing. The Australian government's Department of Environment and Conservation in their Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 says: "Heritage comprises the things we value and want to protect as a community and includes cultural values and natural heritage". The sacred and the precious things of the past that become part of what Carl Jung calls the 'collective unconscious' of a community, come down from the heritage shared by the people belonging to that community. Just like a mother nourishes a child, our heritage beautifies us. It makes us worthy of a great history. It is up to us how we pay back to our mother heritage and how thankful we are to her.

If our today is outcome of our yesterday, our tomorrow is based on our today. So let us shape our present the way we want the future to take course for the generations to come.

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Digital Scorecard
School of Art & Architecture
About – Anant Singh Kabli
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Digital Scorecard
Documents digitized in May-Jun '14
In the month of May and June, we have digitized manuscripts, photographs, books, newspapers and maps from the collections of Punjab State Archives Department and those of Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board.
Total Pages   391,645
No. of Manuscripts   7
No. of Books   836
No. of Photographs   566
No. of Maps   10
No. of Newspapers   244
School of Art and Architecture

Amritsar, the city of the world famous Golden Temple has been a repository of the Sikh School of Art and Architecture, The Sikh School of Art and Architecture has developed from the blending of the Kangra and the Moghal styles. The synthetic treatment of both has resulted into what we term as the Sikh School. The founder of the Sikh School of Paintings was S. Kehar Singh Artist who lived in the times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Besides Maharaja Ranjit Singh Kanwar Nau Nihal Singh and Maharaja Sher Singh patronised many artists like Kehar Singh, Kapur Singh and Hira Singh.


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About – Anant Singh Kabli
Anant Singh Kabli (1912-1993) was born to Lakhmir Singh and Lakshmi Devi at Village Haranpur District Jhelum, Pakistan. He was married to Harbhajan Kaur and had three daughters and two sons. He was retired from a government job. He was assistant editor of Sachitar Punjabi Patrika, Mohali. He resided in Phase III-B-I, Mohali. He wrote the following works:

Gajar Mooli Di Ladaai (1988), Hasandyan Khelandyan (1973), Kukkad Di Baang (1988), Mulakaatan Jaanwaran naal (1989), Janwaran De Ru-B-Ru (1991), Khulliyan Gallan Panchhiyan Naal (1991), Hasna Khedna Mann Di Mauj (1973), Url-Parl (1976), Chandigarh Di Sair (1983)

He was President of City Club Chandigarh (1990-91), Sahit Sabha Mohali, Sahitak Rang Manch Mohali, Shiromani Likhari Sabha Mohali. He was awarded with 'Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor' award by Sahit Dhara Moga (1985), Shiromani Punjabi Likhari Sabha award (1989), Sahit Sangam Mohali (1990), Punjab Lekhak Academy award (1991), Dr. Teer award (1991), Dr. Lal Singh Gill Award by Punjabi Sahit Sabha Faridkot (1991). He also edited Mauji during 1939 and 1942. You can read his works in PDL repository.
This time, we have selected two books and three collections for adoptions. You may also choose to adopt from the complete list of books.

Sachi Saakhi Book $38 Adopt
The Poetry Of Dasam Granth Book $78 Adopt
Dr. Surinder Singh Collection Manuscripts $514 Adopt
Dr. Gurdarshan Dhillon Collection Books/Magazines $4745 Adopt
Baba Bedi Collection Manuscripts $10349 Adopt

PDL is also offering an opportunity to adopt three complete collections of Dr. Surinder Singh, Dr. Gurdarshan Dhillon and Baba Sarabjot Singh ji Bedi. The collections, respectively, consist of 3 manuscripts, 203 books and magazines and 85 manuscripts. Your support by adopting these collections will help us digitize around 90,000 pages and keep these collections online for all times to come.

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