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ਚਿੱਠੀ-ਪੱਤਰ | ਪੋਹ 545  Newsletter | Jan 2014
"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
- Benjamin Franklin

Improving the standards of doing tasks, achieving something that seems difficult at the face of it and success in short term goals – they are all evidence that one is growing. It is very important to improve upon the methods and processes with time to keep pace with the trends and technologies of the changing times. It is also essential to pursue and accomplish short term goals in order to achieve the long term objectives. Success brings satisfaction and from this satisfaction, a profound zeal to do better takes birth. Panjab Digital Library (PDL) has researched a lot and introduced methods and has followed the processes which have helped in standardization of various tasks related to digitization, raising the bars of quality and making the tasks easier for the teams at the same time.

PDL has achieved short-term goals during all these years and is working in the direction of achieving the new milestones in the times to come as well. With the support of well-wishers such as you, PDL has progressed at this pace.

PDL enters 2014 with a hope of getting support from each one of YOU so that the the pace of digitization could outdo the speed at which the devastatation of the heritage of our forefathers is going on.

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Digital Scorecard
Requiem For Royal Charge
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Digital Scorecard
Documents digitized in Dec '13
This month we have digitized manuscripts, books and photographs from the collections of Punjab State Archives Department, Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board and Punjabi Sahit Academy. pile of books
Total Pages   1,91,477
Manuscripts   128
Books   538
Photographs   376
Requiem for Royal Charge

Fall of empires, for whatever reasons, is seldom smooth and painless. Despite all solemn commitments, treaties and testaments written and signed between the victorious and the vanquished, it leaves a bitter trail of discord, acrimony and recriminations. Truth and justice, often, get eclipsed and clouded over by the thick volley of charges and counter-charges. During the period of half a century following the fall of Sikh empire in 1849 and the succession of Maharaja’s minor son Duleep Singh as its titular head; his subsequent exile to England; his conversion to Christianity; his marriage; his family; his reconversion to the religion of his ancestors; his desperate efforts for the restoration of his legitimate claims as per the Lahore treaty of March 9, 1846; his departure for India from England and his death en route; none other’s perspective is nearer the truth than Lady Login's, the widowed wife of Dr. Sir John Spencer Login, the British-appointed guardian of the deposed adolescent Sikh Maharaja.


We have selected some books relating to education and educational policies. While we make these five selected books available for adoption here, you may also choose to adopt from the complete list of books.

Indian Educational Policy Book $15 Adopt
History of Indigenous Education In Panjab Book $120 Adopt
Punjab Education Code Book $22 Adopt
Guru Nanak's Approach To Education Book $5 Adopt
Education of the Depressed Classes Book $4 Adopt
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We'd like to thank our contributors who extended monetary, in-kind or voluntary support:

. Singh Sabha Southall, UK GBP 5,000
. Alkesh Kaur & Jadwinder Singh, CA, USA USD 5,000
. Preeti Kaur & Jaswinder Singh Chadha, USA USD 5,000
. Gani Kaur & Jodha Singh, Anandpur Sahib, India USD 3,000
. Gurmehar Foundation, CA, USA USD 2,500
. Gurpreet & Jasjeet Singh Ahuja, CA, USA USD 1,500
. Daljit Singh, CA, USA USD 1,000
. Pritpal Kaur & Giani Darshan Singh, OH, USA USD 1,000
. Gurparkash Singh, NJ, USA USD 500
. Jasdeep Singh, TX, USA USD 500
. Mohan Dhaliwal, WI, USA USD 500
. Ravpreet Singh, TX, USA USD 500
. Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation Inc., CA, USA USD 500
. Inderpal Gumer, TX, USA USD 201
. Harvinder Singh, CA, USA USD 150
. Kulwant Toor, BC, Canada USD 150
. Jasbir S. Makkar, WV, USA USD 101
. Parminder K. Dhillon, NC, USA USD 100
. Ravneet Tiwana, CA, USA USD 94
. Sukhjinder Deo, OR, USA USD 73
. Kanwarbir Charaia, CA, USA USD 51
. Navjeet Singh, IL, USA USD 50
. Sarabjit Singh, East Midlands, UK USD 31
. Hardip Singh Kharbanda, TX, USA USD 25
. Sarabjit Singh Arora, OH, USA USD 11
. Gurvinder Singh, IL, USA USD 10
. Hardev Singh, Mohali, India Rs. 5,000
. Malkit Singh, Mohali, India Rs. 2,000
. Multiple anonymous donations, JustGiving, UK
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