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Asu-Poh 544;  Oct-Dec 2012 PDL Newsletter
"Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings."
                                                     -- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

As an old year paves way for a new, it provides us a moment of introspection so that we can contemplate what went right and what could have been bettered and how we can take our next step in a more meaningful way.

Panjab Digital Library is all set to intensify its efforts in direction of preserving the heritage of Panjab. We can look at the past as a foundation that gave us a platform to preserve our rich heritage. The time will tell what the future has in store for us. We shall continue to seek your innovative inputs to be able to strengthen our endeavours for taking this task to the next level.

In this Issue
  • The Digital Scorecard
  • Treasures the Obscure
  • Adopt-A-Book
  • How Can You Help PDL?
  • THANKS to our Donors
  • The Digital Scorecard
    Panjab Digital Library Archived Achievements from October to December:
    pile of books
    Manuscripts   189
    Books   1356
    Magazines   134
    Photographs   407
    Pamphlets   135
    Documents   87
    Total pages   406,204

    We'll keep you updated with our progress every month, but don't just stop at the numbers! Visit PanjabDigitalLibrary.org and browse through a slice of history!

    Treasures the Obscure

    pile of books We sometimes find something very precious at a location where it is least likely and it can just be imagined how good one must feel upon such a revelation. Parminder Singh shares a story how Panjab Digital Library came across some hidden treasure in the obscure villages of the sleepy town of Aurangabad in Maharashtra.


    We would like to present to our book-loving readers the opportunity to have a say in the selection and digitization of the books that PDL uploads for online public access.

    Click here to access a list of books that are available and ready for digitization. When you adopt a book at PDL, you sponsor the costs associated with digitization and accessibility, and through this gift, you make it available to the world!

    The costs are detailed for each book on the list. You can also send in a list of books of your choice, pay for its digitization and we will locate and digitize them to include in Panjab Digital Library database for all even future generations to read them. We can also put in an electronic bookplate to accompany the selected text which credits that book's sponsor (That could be you!)

    If you're interested, but not sure which title to sponsor, we're featuring three books here we think it would be most excellent to find sponsors for:

    Be a part of the digitization process; adopt a book for digitization...

    The Hindu View of Life Book $29 Adopt
    Bhai Nand Lal Granthavali Book $54 Adopt
    Gurbani Sangeet Book $82 Adopt
    Anand Sikhiya Book $4 Adopt
    Gyani Gyan Singh Book $29 Adopt

    How Can You Help PDL?
    1. Spread awareness. Tell more people about us. Send the link to this newsletter, to our website, to our Facebook!
    2. Use the vast resources of PDL for an article, a research project or an academic paper you're writing, or just to satisfy your curiosity!
    3. Donate Money. One Dollar. That's all it takes to push a project a little further ahead. We're serious: One Dollar.
    4. Submit documents for digitization. Enrich our collection and the world's understanding of the Panjab and her people. Submissions can be returned upon request.
    SOCIAL MEDIA: http://www.facebook.com/PanjabDigiLib.org

    "Revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab"

    A Special THANK YOU to all our donors and supporters.
    Without your contributions to PDL, this organization's progress would be virtually impossible!

    To put our needs in perspective, and the impact your donation can have on our operations, it takes roughly $10,000 per month to do the work that PDL is doing at current levels. Every contribution keeps this enterprise dynamic and productive. Can you help us meet our goal of $10,000 to cover the work done this month?

    We'd like to thank our contributors:

    • USD 25,000            5 Rivers Foundation USA
    • USD 15,000            Navinderdeep Singh Nijher & Sukhbir Nijjer, USA
    • USD 5,001              Emerald Eagles LP DBA Travelodge, USA
    • USD 5,000              Gurpal Singh Bindra, USA
    • USD 5,000              Jaswinder Singh Chadha & Anupreet Kaur Chadha, USA
    • USD 5,000              Satvinder Singh & Ranju Singh, USA
    • USD 3,000              Arinder Chadha, USA
    • USD 2,500              Share Services Management, USA
    • USD 2,500              Sirtaz Sibia & Kamalpreet Kaur Sibia, USA
    • USD 2,001              Rooptaz Sibia & Daljit Kaur Sibia, USA
    • USD 1,501              Sujan Singh Chhabra & Jasbeer Kaur Chhabra, USA
    • USD 1,000              Bhupinder Kaur Chilana, USA
    • USD 1,000              Jagdeep Singh & Karamjit Kaur, USA
    • USD 1,000              Sharing, Caring & Service Foundation Inc. USA
    • USD 750                Tripat Singh Chawla, USA
    • USD 500                Gurinderjit Singh Thind, USA
    • USD 500                Prit Pal Singh & Ranjit Kaur Sodhi, USA
    • USD 500                Sarbjit Singh & Paramjit Kaur Virk, USA
    • USD 370                Charanjit Singh Khurana, USA
    • USD 365                Balwant Aulck, USA
    • USD 250                Amarjit Singh & Paramjeet Kaur Marwaha, USA
    • USD 250                Paramjit Singh & Sutinder Kaur Chawla, USA
    • USD 250                Rupinder S Bedi, USA
    • USD 200                Harinder Singh, USA
    • USD 200                Navpreet Singh Grewal, USA
    • USD 175                Seatac Hotels, LLC, USA
    • USD 151                Isher Singh, USA
    • USD 101                Jagjeet Singh & Harjeet Kaur Sidhu, USA
    • USD 100                Raj Kaur, USA
    • USD 90                  Jaswinder Singh, USA
    • USD 51                  Surjeet Singh Dang, USA
    • USD 50                  Gurmit Singh Gill, USA
    • USD 50                  P Josan, USA
    • USD 50                  Rajinder Kaur Grewal, USA
    • USD 50                  Sukhvir S Josan, USA
    • USD 40                  Romy Singh, USA
    • USD 20                  Gurdarshan Singh Bassi, USA
    • USD 20                  Mastan Dhanju, USA
    • Rs. 1,00,000          Jatinder Singh Randhawa, Chandigarh
    • Rs. 50,000             Lt. Col. J S Randhawa, Chandigarh
    • Rs. 36,000             Sigma Vibracaustic (I) Pvt. Ltd. Mohali
    • Rs. 25,000             United Steel Industries, New Delhi
    • Rs. 2,100               S. B. Durga, Chandigarh

    Every contribution, be it time, money, or a thoughtful comment on Facebook, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated! We'd especially like to extend our sincere gratitude to the volunteers who make PDL run so smoothly.

    REVEALING the Invisible Heritage of Panjab
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