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Magh 543;  January 2012 PDL Newsletter

"Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again."
                                                         -Henri Cartier-Bresson

This month's newsletter is focused on the power of the photograph and the importance of preserving negatives and prints in digital form. We all have a photo—or maybe an entire photo album — that contains a perfect captured moment. And it's undeniable that we would be devastated to lost the little snap of an event, or a person, or an instant because it's the only way we have of visually accessing the past. Maybe that will help to understand the passion that our digitizers at PDL feel for their work: we are protecting the memories of the moments, the events, the people—not of a single person, but of an entire state.

Although the last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the transition from film to digital photography, we must not lose sight of the fact that 99% of our history was likely documented on printed film which is still vulnerable to a single fire, flood or theft. In these cases, it cannot simply be a matter of opening the correct file and printing out another copy—that moment is gone forever!

It is an honor (and honestly pretty exciting) to be a part of this quest to protect the photos of the past. We hope you will spend some time looking at the photograph collection available on our web site and please contact us if you know of a collection that you feel would be ripe for digitization!

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The Digital Scorecard
From the Desk of Davinder   Pal Singh
How Can You Help PDL?
THANKS to our Donors
The Digital Scorecard
Panjab Digital Library Archived Achievements for December:
pile of books
Total pages   1,23,371
Manuscripts   69
Books   75
Photographs   245

We'll keep you updated with our progress every month, but don't just stop at the numbers! Visit PanjabDigitalLibrary.org and browse the plethora of digital data now available to the world!

From the Desk of Davinder Pal Singh
It is always exciting to witness the "digitization" of photographs--a transformation no less significant or exciting than the original efforts of the photographer. Digitized photographs reveal more than we have actually seen on a print. Digitization reveals the creativity and unique way of viewing the world of the person behind the camera. And believe me—digitizing negatives is even more exciting! There are surprises around every turn. Nobody, including the photographer I would wager, ever knows the extent of the bounty that lies in a stack of negatives until they start to work with them, one by one. Besides the subjects one sets out to photograph, it is often the unintentionally captured scenes or people populating the background that surprise us the most.


We would like to present to our book-loving readers the opportunity to have a say in the selection and digitization of the books that PDL uploads for online public access.

Click here to access a list of books that are available and ready for digitization. When you adopt a book at PDL, you sponsor the costs associated with digitization and accessibility, and through this gift, you make it available to the world!

The costs are detailed for each book on the list. You can also send in a list of books of your choice, pay for its digitization and we will locate and digitize them to include in Panjab Digital Library database for all even future generations to read them. We can also put in an electronic bookplate to accompany the selected text which credits that book’s sponsor (That could be you!)

If you’re interested, but not sure which title to sponsor, we’re featuring three books here we think it would be most excellent to find sponsors for:

Be a part of the digitization process; adopt a book for digitization…

Masnavi-Mila-Ganeemat-Kanjahi Manuscript $28 Adopt
Mahabharat Teeka Manuscript $177 Adopt
Granth Gur Girarath Kosh Manuscript $161 Adopt
The Sikh Religion Book $187 Adopt
Punjab Da Itihasik Sarvakhan Book $72 Adopt

How Can You Help PDL?
1. Spread awareness. Tell more people about us. Send the link to this newsletter, to our website, to our Facebook channel!
2. Use the vast resources of PDL for an article, a research project or an academic paper you’re writing, or just to satisfy your curiosity!
3. Donate Money. One Dollar. That's all it takes to push a project a little further ahead. We’re serious: One Dollar.
4. Submit documents for digitization. Enrich our collection and the world's understanding of the Panjab and her people. Submissions can be returned upon request.
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"Revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab"

A Special THANK YOU to all our donors, patrons and supporters.
Without your contributions to PDL, this organization's progress would be virtually impossible!

To put our needs in perspective, and the impact your donation can have on our operations, it takes roughly $10,000 per month to do the work that PDL is doing at current levels. Every contribution keeps this enterprise dynamic and productive. Can you help us meet our goal of $10,000 to cover the work done this month?

We'd like to thank contributors from the last month:

       $10,000                 5 Rivers Foundation USA

       $250                      Harpal Chibber, USA

       $250                      Sukhwinder Sangha

       $50                        Amrik S Bhamra

       $50                        Chetanjot Kaur

       $30                        Agampreet Singh

       Rs. 12,000             Sigma Vibracaustic (India) Pvt. Ltd.

       Rs. 5,000               Dr. Gurinder Singh Mann, USA

       Rs. 5,000               Manjeet Kaur Tangri, USA

Without support of our patrons, it would not have been possible for PDL to reach where we are now. We thank our patrons whole-heartedly.

     Parveen Kaur & Parvinder Singh Khanuja, USA

     Gani Kaur & Jodha Singh, Anandpur Sahib

Every contribution, be it time, money, or a thoughtful comment on Facebook, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated! We'd especially like to extend our sincere gratitude to the volunteers who make PDL run so smoothly.

REVEALING the Invisible Heritage of Panjab
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