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"Books are lighthouses erected in a great sea of time"
-E. P. Whipple

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." 
-Oliver Wendell

Digitization is an important means of ensuring greater access to cultural material. In some cases it is the only means of ensuring that such material will be available for future generations.

Every Community and Society has a precious heritage which has to be transferred to the coming generations. Panjab Digital Library is working towards creating a central digital repositiry that is accessible to all and it is an organization that is preserving our Heritage for generations to come..

New Milestones

Ever since its launch in September 2009, Panjab Digital Library (PDL) team has been continuously attempting to make its website more user-friendly for enhanced usage. In its ongoing improvements, PDL has added a discussion forum to its website recently. The forum would allow its registered users to take part in threads generated for discussion on a particularly selected document.

Parminder Singh and Parmeet Kaur from PDL participated and presented a paper titled ‘Panjab Digital Library: Revealing the Heritage of Panjab’ at New Delhi on February 24-25, 2010. The theme of the conference was “Shaping the Information Paradigm”. The conference was attended by a group of digital professionals from diverse fields of digitization from all over the world. PDL received a wide applause for this unique work from the global digitization fraternity present there.

A month-long mobile exhibition was organized on Architectural Heritage of Panjab at Rose Festival, Chandigarh. The exhibition was on display from February 26, 2010 to March 28, 2010. The theme of the exhibition was “Unveiling the Architecture of the Greater Panjab”. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri Shiv Raj Patil, Governor of Panjab.A monogram highlighting PDL collection about the Panjab heritage and its digital preservation, was also released on the occasion.

Documents digitized by PDL during the months of February and March 2010
Books 529
Pamplets 451
Legal Documents 973
Manuscripts 66
Magazines 54
Theses 2
Data created 756.19 GB
Files made web ready 202786 files
Future Plans

PDL continues to extend the volume of digital preservation by bagging new projects of significance. Upcoming projects for digitization in next two months include collections of Baba Sarabjot Singh Bedi, Anurag Singh, Layalpur Khalsa College Jalandhar and Panjabi Sahitya Academy.


Heritage Lovers from all over the globe continue to honor Panjab Digital Library by paying visits. This month Kirpal Singh Pannu, Sodhi Singh from UK, Pankaj Singh of Browser Book Store, Chandigarh visited the Panjab Digital Library. We appreciate their visit and the time they spent with PDL staff. Their keen interest and appreciation of our work boosts our morale.

Forthcoming Events

Exhibition on Baba Banda Singh Bahadur:

Gurbakhash Singh or more popularly known as Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, is a personality of legendry proportions in the annals of Sikh history. Revered as one of the greatest Sikh warriors as well as one of the most celebrated martyrs of the Khalsa Panth, he does not require much introduction about his role in the history of the Sikhs and Panjab.

His unparalleled achievements complement his core personality. It drew the attention of the Guru Gobind Singh, who saw in Banda the mettle of a great leader who could complete his mission of dismantling the tyrannical Mughal rule and establish a sovereign Sikh state. It is an undeniable fact that he is the only individual in the entire Sikh history, who was specially handpicked by the Guru for the task he wished to accomplish. While we may not be aware of the exact reason for the Guru’s decision to choose him as the leader of Khalsa Panth, but the history bears witness to the great achievements of this unique Sikh warrior who proved his Master's choice to be perfectly correct.

Today, in the year 2010, when we are celebrating the tercentenary of the establishment of the Khalsa Raj by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur which changed the history of Panjab, it is our moral duty to pay a glowing tribute to this gallant warrior of the Guru, who played a pivotal role in laying the foundations of a Sikh state. PDL plans to organize exhibitions on the life and achievements of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur in Panjab as well as other parts of the World.

Celebrating World Heritage Day:

In order to educate people about the pathetic condition of some of the landmarks of our rich Heritage, PDL volunteers will march at different locations in Chandigarh holding photographs of decaying monuments, like the remains of old heritage forts, worm-eaten manuscripts and carrying placards with relevant slogans, to create awareness about our rich heritage. We are trying to target those members of our society who are ignorant about their own heritage. It will the part of our on going awareness campaign about our heritage.

Heritage Walk:

While celebrating World Heritage Day, we are planning to organize trips for the school students from the city schools to the two ancient forts in Chandigarh at Manimajra and Burail.. These trips will be a great learning experience for the students and will provide them an opportunity to connect to their roots. The motive of organizing these trips is to make students aware of their invaluable heritage and inculcate in them a sense of belongingness and instill a feeling of respect for their heritage in their impressionable minds.


We feel proud to acknowledge the contributions made by our esteemed donors, Gurvinder Singh Chandigarh, Riverpool Holidays Chandigarh, 1469 New Delhi, Sodhi Singh UK and Amarjit Singh & Amarjit Kaur NY.

The achievements of PDL could not have been possible without the generous donations from our patrons. Our sincerest thanks are also to all others, who have contributed in different ways to help us keep going.

We feel humbled by the trust and cooperation of every supporter for his contribution  since the inception of our project. Your continuous efforts and encouragement have made Panjab Digital Library a reality. Our objective of revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab cannot be completely achieved without your valuable suggestions and active support. Together we will make a difference!


“Excellent and Innovative idea to educate the masses, about rich cultural heritage of Panjab. Keep it up”

-  Gurkiran Jeet Nalwa

“Amazing! We have to make a concerted effort to save our dying heritage. What can we show our future...generations, when it was within our power to stop their destruction”

-  Prabhjit Singh

“Very good and excellent way of teaching the Punjabi culture, history, roots to new generation”

-  Raj Path

“Collective efforts of PDL have replenished history and long awaited renaissance. Hopefully it will repatriate our culture for generations. Launch of PDL has brought ecstasy to community”

-  Jasmeet Singh

“People have never understood the things that have been done beforehand. Humanity will feel the significance of this work for centuries to come”

-  Parminder Singh

Panjab Digital Library

Revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab