December - January
2009 - 2010

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Awareness Campaign
"Books are lighthouses erected in a great sea of time"
-E. P. Whipple

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving."
-Oliver Wendell

Digitization is an important means of ensuring greater access to cultural material. In some cases it is the only means of ensuring that such material will be available for future generations.
"...let us save what remains: not by vaults and locks which fence them from the public eye and use in consigning them to the waste of time, but by such a multiplication of copies, as shall place them beyond the reach of accident."

                                                                             - Thomas Jefferson, 1791

Awareness Campaign

The Panjab Digital Library (PDL) launched its Canadian Awareness Campaign “Des Panjab” at the Panjabi Press Club. PDL Director and co-founder Harinder Singh appeared on TV and radio shows, community forums, Gurduaras and civic platforms to “reveal the invisible heritage of Panjab.” As last century saw Panjabis migrating to every corner of the world, to maintain their bonds with the homeland, many took along their literary and art heritage while others started acquiring them later. “Since the largest concentration of the Panjabi Diaspora resides in Lower Mainland BC, this is the most apt place to launch the PDL in Canada.

Media Room was also launched on the occasion to ensure all media and stakeholders are always up-to-date with news and media coverage about the Panjab Digital Library. It gives a quick view of the mission, objectives and progress of Panjab Digital Library. An Online Exhibition was also launched along with the Media Room.

Achievements (Dec & Jan)



- 416 books
- 196 manuscripts
- 26 pamphlets
- 452 photographs
- 4 thesis
- 8 dairies
- 114 letters
- 434 legal documents
167698 pages digitized in all
815 GB data created
430694 files made web ready

Kila Anandgarh Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib, 1934

  PDL website has been made more user friendly by making Advanced Search simpler and specific. .New feature of Online Exhibition is also added that allows users to see exhibits one by one or by running a slide show. RSS Feeds have been implemented for the Media Room. The website has also been made Unicode compliant.
Adopt-a-Book: An opportunity!

Our Adopt-a-Book section is getting a good response. We have added 20 more books/manuscripts for adoption. This is an opportunity for book lovers to have a say in the selection and digitization of the books that PDL selects for online public access. Some of the selected books, manuscripts for the next two months are:

1 Granth Gur Girarath Kosh $ 160.00 Adopt
2 Punjab Da Itihasik Sarvekhan $ 72.00 Adopt
3 The Ramayana (Ramavtar) $ 116.00 Adopt
4 Varan Gyan Rattanavali $ 147.00 Adopt
5 Gurmat Martand $ 186.00 Adopt

More Books and Manuscripts...


In the last 2 months a few of the books adopted were Bhav Panchasika, Srimad Bhagwat Gita and Jap Teeka


Digitization of Books, Manuscripts and Photographs will continue. Moreover we will add 1000 Books, 1000 Manuscripts and 1000 Photographs to our online database.

Many Scholars and religious personalities honored us by paying a visit to Panjab Digital Library. Prominent among these were Advocate H.S Phoolka, Bibi Kiranjot Kaur,  Manmeet Kaur, Dr. Prabhjot Singh Dhadalia and Dr. Mohinder Singh.

Their appreciation and suggestions further boosted our determination.


  • “Thrilled to see the culture and Heritage of Punjab since 17th century .Keep it up! You have a great future. Grow and Glow!”
    D. S. Bedi (Chairman of Shivalik Schools)
  • It is very nice to see people like you who are caring for the heritage. It is a type of work done which deserves more then words to praise. We are proud to have people like you. God Bless U.
    - Kartik Bisht
  • Walking on unusual route needs courage. When someone takes the unusual path for the betterment of society, it creates Trails, future generations if wise enough, change these Trails into Roads and Roads become Highways with time. PDL founders and staff have done it all in just a few years without asking for help. Their work is beyond appreciation. Let's support PDL with greater enthusiasm.
    Yadwinder Singh (on facebook)

Presentation at Parliament of the World’s Religions, Melbourne, Australia
Panjab Digital Library participated in the Parliament of the World’s Religions at Melbourne, Australia and presented a paper on ‘Digital Preservation of Sikh Heritage.’ On behalf of the PDL, Davinder Pal Singh apprised the attendees with the current state of affairs in Panjab's heritage preservation, apathy abound and the solutions in digital preservation that can save the day for us. PDL's presentation at the Parliament of World religions was sponsored by the World Sikh Council – America Region

Davinder Pal Singh also addressed a gathering of the local community at a Gurduara in Craigieburn, Melbourne. He emphasized on the need to enlarge the scope of community service and urged the community members to pay attention to the dying heritage of the Sikhs. Concerted effort can bring out meaningful results, since active participation of the masses is essential to the success of such a project. And faith, indeed, has a big role to play in it!

Campaign - Vote for Sikh Museum in USA
PDL campaigned for Sikh Community through Jakara Movement to realize the dream of setting up a Sikh Museum in USA. The contest was organized by Chase Bank. Our volunteers put up a great effort to encourage people to support and vote for Jakara Movement. Posters were pasted at most of the important colleges and Gurduaras though out Panjab, flyers were also distributed through newspapers and at social gatherings.

Forthcoming Events

Historical Photographs of Panjab on Facebook
Panjab Digital Library (PDL) has a large photographic collection of historical buildings of Panjab. Some buildings still exist, but are on the verge of extinction while others have been lost forever. These photographs are not online yet. Before making then online at, PDL shares some of these historical photographs with our Fans on FaceBook to create awareness of the dying heritage of Panjab.

We ask all of you to provide suitable captions, comments, remarks on these historical photographs. Best caption will be included in PDL repository for generations to come.

Exhibition on “Unveiling the Architectural Heritage of the Greater Panjab”
During the Rose Festival in Chandigarh, PDL will come up with a mobile exhibition on Unveiling the Architectural Heritage of the Greater Panjab. We expect over 15,000 visitors at the exhibition. Exhibition will start be organized for three days, from 26 to 28 February 2010 at Rose Garden, Chandigarh.

Seminars on “Heritage and Culture - Our Umbilical Cord”
To generate awareness on the need for digital preservation of Panjab’s Heritage PDL will hold a series of seminars across Panjab. Over 13 seminars will be organized under the title in 2010. Further in collaboration with Government Museum Chandigarh we will organize a Seminar every month at Museum’s auditorium for the selected guests of the museum.


We feel privileged to acknowledge our esteemed donors Harjatvinder Singh, Gurucharan Singh, Harinder Singh, Prabhjot Singh, Jagdish Singh Toor, Jasmine Kaur, Harvinder Singh, Parminder Kaur Jassal, Amardeep Kaur Maan, Sandeep Randhawa, Pritpal Singh & Arpinder Kaur, Dr. Parvinder Singh & Parveen Kaur Khanuja, Gurpal Singh Bhullar & Neena G. Singh, Jaskaran Kaur & Rajwinder Singh and Sikhs Serving America.

This could not have been possible without generous donations from you. Sincere thanks to all who have contributed in diverse ways to help build and support this initiative.

To maintain the work at the same pace, we seek your inputs on the Perceptions, Possibilities, and Practicalities of our mission to locate, digitize, preserve, collect and make accessible the accumulated wisdom of the Panjab region, without any distinction to script, language, religion, nationality, or other physical condition.

PDL is successful because of your consistent support and belief in us. Thank you!

               Panjab Digital Library
 Revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab