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ਚਿੱਠੀ-ਪੱਤਰ | ਪੋਹ 545  Newsletter | Dec 2013
"Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation."
- Jack Nicklaus

An effort in a positive direction brings laurels from the likeminded and satisfaction from inside. But one always gets immense pleasure when the effort and its results take one to the next level. With the last month of the year 2013 passing by, Panjab Digital Library (PDL) is about to achieve the mark of 9 million digitized pages while a figure more than ten times of that is in pipeline waiting to be preserved digitally. With the kind blessings bestowed upon by the Almighty and with the generous support from the likes of you, the graph of this journey has persistently remained incremental.

The journey has though not been a bed of roses and PDL has faced its share of thorns at each step. Collections after collections, projects followed by projects have not quenched the thirst of PDL.Nevertheless the longing to preserve much more data at much faster pace has rather become stronger.However substantial it may look and however immense it may mean, what PDL has achieved in last decade is a small portion of what is still to be done.

PDL has just begun the work on an ambitious project of digitizing one of the most important collections speaking of the history and heritage of the Guru Period, Mughal period and contemporary Indian society. It will protect a lot of data from the clutches of vulnerability to decay of one kind or another to the preservation in the format and world of timelessness.

PDL enters the new calendar year with a hope of getting support from each one of YOU so that the work of digitization could catch momentum that is necessary to defeat the clutches of time that is always running fast to devastate the heritage of our forefathers.

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Digital Scorecard
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Digital Scorecard
Documents digitized in Nov '13
This month we have digitized manuscripts, articles, books and photographs from the collections of Punjab State Archives Department, Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board, Punjabi Sahit Academy, Anurag Singh and Gurinder Singh. pile of books
Total Pages   141898
Books   562
Manuscripts   73
Photographs   887
Articles   595
How I ventured into PDL

Such is the temper of the times and demands of life in modern age that majority of human beings keep occupied with their professional engagements and its day to day pressures. Either they have hardly any time to think out of the box and cultivate an interest unrelated to their immediate professional occupation or an inclination to venture into a new territory. Very few among us are bothered or burdened by the sense of debt that we owe to our ancestors who had laid the foundations of our present day moorings and the image and identity that we carry. Have we ever reflected or delved deep into our racial, ethnic, religious and national heritage which is the badge of our identity and distinguishing mark in this wide vast world?


We have selected some books written in Urdu this time. While we make these five selected books available for adoption here, you may also choose to adopt from the complete list of books.

Dasam Granth in Urdu Book $64 Adopt
Punjabi - Kashmiri Kosh Book $127 Adopt
Saka Sirhind Book $5 Adopt
Aasli Shaheedi Bhai Taru Singh Book $6 Adopt
Punjab Subai Muslim League 1907-1917 Book $12 Adopt
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We'd like to thank our contributors who extended monetary, in-kind or voluntary support:

  • 1469                                                      Rs 50,000
  • Manmeet Singh, New Delhi                    Rs 50,000
  • Anika Singh, New Delhi                          Rs 21,000
  • Arpit Singh, New Delhi                           Rs 10,000
  • Avtar Singh Monga, Gurgaon                 Rs 10,000
  • B. S. Anand, Chandigarh                        Rs 10,000
  • Iqbal Singh Sethi, Chandigarh               Rs 10,000
  • Vikram Overseas Limited, New Dehli      Rs 10,000
  • Parminder Singh Sethi, Chandigarh       Rs 2,000
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